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April 24, 2007
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The engine Chance should make by Atticus-W The engine Chance should make by Atticus-W
If you've ever ridden a miniature train at an amusement park or zoo, Chances are you've ridden this: Chance Rides' famous C.P. Huntington ([link]), a train based on a real locomotive with a 4-2-4 wheel arrangement. Of course, the Chance locomotive is powered by gas, not steam, and its drive system is radically different from its prototype's: whereas the real C.P. Huntington was powered by the 2 large wheels on the center axle (connected to the pistons), Chance built their locomotive powered by the wheels on the front and back trucks, leaving the center wheels in the design for decoration only. The powered trucks, connected to the motor via a spinning drive shaft under the boiler, make for an efficient drive system-- but one that is hopelessly unrealistic and ugly-looking for a supposedly rod-driven engine.
In fact, the Chance locomotive is driven in a manner much more closely resembling the real-life Heisler geared logging engines ([link])... And that's where I came in. The engine I drew above is what an amusement park engine might look like if it were based on a Heisler. It might not look exactly like a traditional locomotive, but its design is perfect for Chance's mechanical drive system-- it's functional and doesn't look half bad! The only "fake" elements are the cylinders below the running boards, as the drive shaft is actually driven by the gearbox under the firebox. The firebox houses the motor.

(I donít, of course, have any relation to Chance Rides. They are property of themselves.)
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Camden Park in WV has their own-design 4-4-0 in a D&RGW-ish yellow color cab, lamp, and cowcatcher. The motors are in the tender, however the grates are a little "fake" looking. The engine's whistle no longer works, so they use it's bell, which works A-OK for me! The coaches even look better because they have side doors instead of the open sides, and even fake handbrakes at the ends! That little loco looks amazing in the field area with the fence and from the mini golf as well as the sky-trams!
I just found a few pictures of it-- what a bizarre, funky contraption. XD A clever construction job, to say the least.  I wouldn't mind seeing some better views of it.
dinodanthetrainman Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
good idea
RailroadNutjob Dec 24, 2011  Student General Artist
Ooh, so cool!
Angelcuti Sep 28, 2010  Student
You're welcome.

BTW, I may have some
*in slow motion*
*resume speed again*
things I was gonna talk more about,


.....I'll be back in a while.
See you later!
Angelcuti Sep 19, 2010  Student

If Chance Rides really make these, they might call it as "Heisler-Geared Train"!
Since Chance Ride already named their 4-2-4 trains "C.P. Huntington Train".

Any name suggestions for this type of park/zoo train?
Ay. I'd call it the 1-Ton Park Locomotive, Two-Truck. :D

Actually, no, I have no idea what I'd call it. XD Marketing it as "Heisler" seems somewhat inappropriate because Heisler was a company name, not the given name of any one locomotive. But I dunno... it could work anyway.

Y'anyway, thanks. XD
Angelcuti Oct 13, 2010  Student
Whoops, I'm late!

Darn, oncoming new idea!

I wonder what if I would see a futuristic-looking 4-2-4 similar to its original counterpart, C.P. Huntington, but looks a lot more like [link] and... something else.
That would be interesting. Draw it. ;)
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